Iliard’s competencies are keys to success of every single project. We draw conclusions, we improve and we perfect our skills. We get better with each new project.

Our competencies

Iliard’s competencies are a sum of our experiences.We feel great, both putting in practice big investments and boutique projects. Our knowledge predestines us to efficiently implement investment and developer projects. We are eagerly passionate as architects, project managers, interior designers and designers.We know what we talk about.

How we work

Regardless of the nature of the project and the tasks undertaken, Iliard’s standard of work is always the same.We start with a detailed audit of the needs and intentions our Customers have and we identify with the goals that the Customers have set for us.This is followed by an action plan that we implement efficiently. We close the project by verifying Customer satisfaction. The flow of information, punctualityand efficiency are the bases of our performance.We listen to our Customers carefully and we constantly polish our methods of work.


Iliard’s architecture is not predefined by a certain architectonic style. Every project is unique, and its final shape is a result of a design process that is conducted in cooperation with our Customers.We render architectonic services in housing, office and commercial sectors. We are always ready for new challenges.


Iliard’s approach to interior designs consists in understanding Customer’s and user’s needs in such a way that the possibilities offered by a given place are optimized.We are flexible in our approach to undertaking designs of different scale, regardless of the size of the design, we can always tailor our services to a required project.When designing interiors, we concentrate on functionality, high aesthetic quality and the choice of durable material solutions. We use our experience on the field of brand development, space planning, lighting, choice of materials and attention to details.

Project management

Project management by Iliard consists of the analysis and control of such factors as schedule, budget and project risk.The power of Iliard lies in deep identification with the goals set forth by our Customers. We skillfully plan, execute and report on a cyclical basis.

Real estate analysis

We eagerly engage in each project at its early stage, providing our customers with reliable data before the property is purchased. We help to find attractive land under planned investments, we prepare development area capacity analyses, planning documents, complex due diligenceof the real estate as well as preliminary budgets of the planned investment.

As architects and project managers we have learnt to creatively use the design thought to accomplish business goals. We know and understand well the overall investment process. We design consciously.

Historical monuments

The implementation of a developer project in historical environment is an architectonic and investment challenge. Our approach contemplates preserving conservator values of the building and forging them into commercial and usage assets. Such projects always gain their second life.

Working environment

Iliard’s philosophy in designing office environment is based on deep understanding of the needs of every Customer, the logic, the structure of a given company or enterprise, as well as individual need of particular groups of employees. We understand that a workplace should correspond with corporate culture of a company and that a good workplace triggers employees’ efficiency and satisfaction.


In compliment to the standard interior design, we prepare tailored elements of interior design and equipment, such as furniture or lamps. Some of the models created by us enter into production, while others are unique copies used exclusively in a given space.


Iliard cooperates with design studios in Poland and abroad. We exchange competencies with our business partners as well as use our own resources. Thanks to that we are more flexible and more competitive.The bigger the scale, the bigger the potential.


Detailed audit

When preparing the implementation of a project, we start with a detailed audit of needs and intentions our Customer has. Thanks to that we can precisely define the goals the Customer wishes to obtain and we easily identify with them.


Task completion

Before taking to every task, we define a detailed action plan, we agree it with our Customer and then we execute it efficiently. At this stage it is crucial to monitor the progress of the project, smooth flow of information and exhaustive reporting. We are determined and consequent – until the goal is achieved.


Project closing

Every project or implemented task is finished with a conclusion and the evaluation of results of our work conducted by the Customer. We draw conclusions and implement new solutions to constantly perfect our work.The satisfaction of our Customers is a measure of our success.