We are polite, smart and good at what we do. We never rest until we have pursues the goals set forth by our Customers. Our team is our strength.


Iliard’s philosophy is to be a reliable business partner for our Customers.We want to be a business added value for every project. We do not leave questions unanswered. We do not leave problems unsolved.


We focus on continuous development - we are getting better and we are expanding our team. Our goal is to grow Iliard by 20% in each subsequent year. We provide our services throughout the entire country, and we have the ambition to be present throughout Europe.

Łukasz Koziana

Iliard Co-founder, Partner

“Only an architect who has extensive knowledge in the implementation of construction projects, may decide on their shape. Whether decisions are right, that's another matter...” Łukasz graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Cracow University of Technology in 2003. He is the winner and participant of numerous architectural competitions. Prior to founding Iliard, Łukasz collaborated with several architectural studios in Poland and abroad, among others DDJM, KKD Architects, BP Project, AZ project, Karpla, GD&K Consulting. Łukasz combines design with an extensive knowledge in the field of assessing project implementation costs and managing the investment process.

email: lukasz.koziana@iliard.pl
tel: +48 660 435 642

Wojciech Witek

Iliard Co-founder, Partner

“The task of an architect is to formulate, though Architecture, a strong underlying idea for the project, which allows to combine different, often conflicting, interests associated with the implementation of the investment”. Wojciech graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Cracow University of Technology in 2006, and since 2009 he has been a member of the Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects. Prior to founding Iliard, he worked as an architect in Cracow in the design studios of GD&K Consulting and Ovotz in Amsterdam, in ANA Architecten design studio as well as in 2012 Architecten in Rotterdam. In Iliard, Wojciech concentrates on design and brings knowledge on the assessment of the feasibility of the investment.

email: wojciech.witek@iliard.pl
tel: +48 515 078 283

Ewa Zagórska

Chief operating officer email

Andrzej Gacek

Workplaces team leader email

Katarzyna Smagała

Hospitality team leader email

Dominika Stygar

Residential team leader email

Iwona Filipiak

Senior Architect email

Marcelina Gwiżdż

Interior design team leader email

Karolina Krzysiak

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Magdalena Kluba

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Jakub Kafel

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Jan Leszega

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Karolina Wawer

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Agnieszka Kucharczyk

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Beata Mazur

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Kamil Kowalik

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Karol Chajdys

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Kinga Tkacz

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Paula Olszewska

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Tomasz Folwarski

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Karolina Stawoska

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Katarzyna Bodurka

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Filip Kieras


Izabela Kaim-Kalinowska


Małgorzata Ziomek-Małolepsza


List of our other Iliard colleagues in years 2009-2017:

Wojciech Kasinowicz, Ewa Koziana, Magdalena Śpiewak, Magdalena Golenia, Grzegorz Cyran, Martina Weiser, Lucjan Piątek, Kinga Jarosińska, Agnieszka Romanowicz, Marta Halama, Marta Gil, Aleksandra Zając, Katarzyna Lisińska, Anna Białkowska, Aleksandra Gryc, Kajetan Przybylski, Katarzyna Stopiak, Konrad Jurek, Szymon Suchanek, Andrei Kozac, Bartłomiej Pyrzyk, Jakub Manek, Krzysztof Leśniewski, Agnieszka Brucka, Magdalena Wiśniewska, Agata Goik, Anna Adamowicz, Anna Kisiel